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Going away to school is an adjustment.... 


​Going away to school in a foreign country is a bigger adjustment.

Understanding of school rules and social expectations is essential. Having an advocate in the United States to help your child adapt is critical for their success. Give your child the tools they need to thrive academically and socially in their new school.

As a result of my extensive experience working with adolescents, I have a unique appreciation for the value of a solid foundation built during a student's time at preparatory school. I can help them make the most of the hard work they have demonstrated to be accepted into a competitive high school. 

An academically strong student may still need help navigating:

- the honor code at school

- the college process

-  language adjustment

- understanding school rules

- social expectations ​

Completing a successful preparatory school career paves the way for acceptance into a good college. This goal is achieved by the hard work of the student and made possible by your support. Help give your child the guidance they need to ensure their success during their studies in the United States. I have 25 years of experience helping students at preparatory schools. 

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