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Positive psychology has been shown to be linked to numerous benefits including improved well-being, health, meaningfulness, longevity, enhanced mood, and overall quality of life. Becoming more aware of positive emotions can improve your satisfaction and effectiveness in the workplace. Learn to use your character strengths and tools from positive psychology to enhance your job and life satisfaction.


What other professionals say

After a Positive Psychology workshop with Janet

Janet offers great resources.... It was extremely helpful....both for myself and with my clients, maybe even friends. SZ  

Janet is lovely.. made some wonderful suggestions that will positively impact my life

(She) knows her subject, clearly speaks her knowledge....Very easy to follow, and shared great client and personal examples.   Anonymous

I really like Janet’s thorough approach towards weaving in personal anecdotes, experiences, and research. I loved this session!  Although I know my signature strengths, I always wondered how (or if) I could improve the less used strengths...I will use the VIA, the bingo game and some of the other ideas to keep strengths in mind throughout the day, during a calendar or school year, or during a particularly stressful time. BR

Janet is knowledgeable and has a lot to share from her education and experience.  I liked the Q&A where we were able to dig in more on the practical application of the different ways to use the VIA.  As a community we were able to attend, learn, and connect with each other. AD



Retirement is challenging for many of us. Judges stepping down from the bench are a unique population of professionals who I particularly enjoy sharing the research-proven tools of positive psychology with. While judges receive excellent pensions and health benefits, the emotional aspect of this transition tends to be ignored and problematic for many. The reduction of status, meaningfulness, structure, and daily routine is a challenge for many accomplished professionals. I can help you identify the character strengths during this time of transition.

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Stepping down from the bench doesn’t have to be the closing act for retiring judges


MARCH 14, 2019, ABA Journal

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