Giving students the tools for success

As a clinical psychologist and coach I have worked with many clients in different age groups. I especially appreciate working with adolescents and teens, and have found a passion for sharing the positive psychology tools for success with students.  Through the years I have helped children adjust to transitions and face challenges, emphasizing positive psychology tools that are proven to improve academic performance.


I  teach students empirically proven positive psychology tactics to improve resilience, reduce negative self-talk, develop growth mindsets, reduce stress and anxiety, and more. 

How Janet Works with Teens:

Participant Feedback

"I attended a positive psychology workshop, offered by Janet Schrager that was part of a community wellness afternoon at my school. Attendees were asked to take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths in advance of the session and to bring our assessments to the workshop to learn how to use our top strengths to improve our lives. Teen-focused scenarios  were designed to help students learn techniques to develop a positive mindset and to reduce stress. The  information was offered in a way that people of all ages could apply to their lives. The concepts of growth mindset versus fixed mindset and how positive psychology concentrates on strengthening what is right with you rather than fixing what is wrong with you were an “aha” moment for me. The techniques suggested for using positive psychology to improve one’s life and “build a good muscle for happiness” are easy to remember and put to use, i.e. recording your wins, expressing gratitude, and viewing situations as opportunities, rather than threats. I highly recommend this workshop.”

- Paula Barrows,
Administrator, Choate Rosemary Hall

Diversity Students

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